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-Restaurant Manousaka-

Province of Rethymno


The Old Mill


The Owner's Of the Restaurant Manousakas (The Old Mill) invites you and your friend to come and enjoy marvellous meals, local and typical of renown the crete diet. This outside restaurant is perfect for tourists in search of fresh air and tranquillity. And more, the service is offered in english, french and greek. Its your choice, but you could learn more about some of the customs ,culture and traditions of this wonderful country. In voyage, sometime its fun to get to learn more about the life of the people there, but most of the time the language barrier stop's this willing. For all these good reason's , this restaurant is perfect for curious and distinguish people in search of a great meal.

This Restaurant offer you a unique panorama. The terrace is circle by threes that are a century old and a natural river flows calmly in too this enchanted site. The melody is sweet to the hears ; musique of water and crickets, mix with the wonderful smell of kitchen. And more, the restaurant is located in the heart of the montains, the region of Agiropoulis is worth the trip for is natural waterfalls that freshed the roman's in past.

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